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I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention UHP Trooper Lisa Steed this week…

November 28, 2011

This is a pretty big deal.

31 cases they’re looking at?!?!?!  That’s probably like an entire Friday night shift of DUIs for Lisa Steed!

It is true that Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Lisa Steed was anointed “Trooper of the Year”. It is also true that trooper Lisa Steed has been repeatedly criticized for her unjust tactics. Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Lisa Steed’s antics have been discussed here, and in numerous other places.

If you don’t trust the media, you can see for yourself here:

The wrong is so palpable that I don’t even feel I have to say anything about it. It’s one of those stories where anyone who reads these articles will sense the injustice. It’s like the “Harman’s cat” of Utah DUI law.

In fact, this is so bad that I actually feel compelled to defend police officers for a change.  Being a DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney in Salt Lake City, I talk a lot of crap about police officers.  But I don’t mistrust cops in general.  There truly are a lot of good cops out there who follow the law and protect our rights while keeping the streets safe for our families.  Hats of to them.  It’s the ones like Lisa Steed that made me want to be a DUI and criminal defense attorney.

The bad seeds are the exception, not the rule.  But then again, Lisa Steed isn’t the only bad seed out there.


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